St. Clement's Chapel


St. Clement's is one of Eisenach's oldest religious foundations. When St. Katharine's Abbey was founded in west Eisenach in 1214, Landgrave Hermann I is said to have banished the lepers from the hospital there to outside St. Nicholas' Gate. Official records of a building on this site - a home for lepers, to which St. Clement's Chapel belonged - go back to 1295.


Religious services were held in the chapel until the 17th century, but it was badly damaged in 1813 by French troops. It was then used as a goat stable and wood store. Restoration did not take place until 1866 under Grand Duke Carl-Alexander, by which time the chapel had become part of St. Anne's Hospital Foundation.
Of the original structure, the walls and a few details remain - such as windows on the north and east sides.
It is a relatively small building - just 5.92 metres in length and 4.47 metres in width.
The chapel became a popular venue for baptisms, weddings and anniversaries before its temporary closure. It is being renovated at present.


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