Teezimmer – Tearoom

Tearoom in the Carthusian Garden

The tea room, a small walk-in saloon in classical gardener's house, is situated in the idyllic Kartaus-Garden in the south of Eisenach. Precious French wallpaper images with the fairy tale Cupid and Psyche decorate a wall. When exactly the valuable wall decoration came into the gardener's house (built in 1825) is not known.


"Cupid and Psyche" is the only fairy tale that has been handed down from the Greco-Roman antiquity. It is about the incomparably beautiful princess Psyche, which connects to Cupid, son of Venus, in love. Cupid and Psyche get married and have a daughter named Joy. By the Roman poet, philosopher and orator Apuleius (138-161) this tale has received its own unmistakable face. It comes from his main work "Metamorphoses" and is the most valuable and most consistent at the same time, which was handed down. Not least because it repeatedly employed anew painters and sculptors since ancient times.

The tale contains all the elements to which the basic motive of romance can be recycled. Apparent harmony is disturbed by ominous excitement, and it takes place a continuing oscillation between the highest performance and the depths of despair, to the hoped-for solution is obtained by a higher insight. Therefore, it is not surprising that this fairy tale in the 19th Century sculptors and painters such as Canova, Thorwaldsen, Bega, Kaulbach and the favorite painter of the German Romantic, Moritz von Schwind, has cast a spell. The Eisenach classical wallpapers were designed by the two Frenchmen Lafitte and Blondel and were first printed by hand in 1816 in the Parisian workshop of Joseph Defour namely using about 1450 forms. They soon became popular and reprinted the equipment of French and German castles often, first in brown, later gray shades.

From about 1830, the wallpaper is printed on continuous rolls of paper. During this time, the emergence of 12 large-format local wallpaper images is likely to be. The first restoration took place in the 90s of the last century. In the 50s, the wallpaper images were saved by the Thuringian Museum. From the summer of 1959 until 1992, the citizens of Eisenach and their guests were invited to visit the newly renovated tea room with the valuable neoclassical wallpaper. After more than three decades, a multi-year restoration of the wallpaper images and comprehensive planning, construction and safety work again were necessary. In September 1998, the work was completed and the tea room awaits its visitors again since then.

Service for visitors


Teezimmer im Kartausgarten
Waisenstraße 2
99817 Eisenach
Tel. (+49) 36 91 / 74 39 06


Information: Reuter-Wagner-Museum: Tel. (+49) 3691/ 74 32 93, Fax: (+49) 3691/74 32 94


Opening hours:

The tea room in the house of the gardener within the Kartaus-Garden is open from march, regularly on sundays from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. For groups or individual visitors prior arrangements are possible. Please get into contact with Reuter-Wagner-Museum, Reuterweg 2 or by phone +49+03691/743 293 during the opening times of the museum (Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. until 17 p.m. The tea room can also be rented for special events.



Adults: 1,00 Euro
reduced: 0,50 Euro

Policy for the rental of the Reuter-Wagner Museum and the Tearoom in Kartaus-Garden (german document)


How to reach:

The tearoom can be reached via the Waisenstraße that branches off from the Wartburgallee. A footpath leads through the garden to the gardener's house with the room. Parking spaces are in the surrounding streets.


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